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-William Allen White


Oct. 20, 2009. Documents obtained by the Office of the Information & Privacy Commissioner of Ontario. Email exchanges between President Allan Rock and publisher of the Ottawa Citizen Jim Orban reveal how the University of Ottawa controls the media.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

U of O Voice Under Attack By The Administration

U of O Voice has been issued a formal legal threat by the University of Ottawa's Office of the Legal Counsel:

Websites that you control (such as contain material (such as pictures and logos) that is owned by the University. Please remove such material within 7 day. Also, it has come to my attention that you are using the name and logo of the University in some of your communications, including communications from the fictitious "Office of the Voice". Please immediately cease doing so again.

Signed: Alain Roussy.

U of O Voice asked what measures of enforcement will be taken by the Office of the Legal Counsel. Alain Roussy responded "We'll see".

U of O Voice has decided to undergo rapid reconstruction.


Anonymous said...

I hope this gets shut down, and I hope you stop sending me spam messages about your bullshit.


They have invaded our privacy by stealing our email addresses, and they are abusing gmail.

If you receive an email from them, go here and report it:

Anonymous said...

Thanks STS. I sent in a complaint. The arrogance of this twit never ceases to amaze me. Sending out mass email prooganda to "36 000 students, and 2 597 professors and administrators", calling his personal blog "The Voice" of the University of Ottawa, and now enlisting this "Committee For The Defense of Education"'s "Ottawa Free Speech Movement "- all of FOUR days old, and consisting of a handful of rabble-rousers.

I am not speaking to Prof. Rancourt's actions or battles with the university, as I have no firsthand knowledge of them, but Rancourt has now declared himself (through this email, announced as being sent jointly from the "CDE")as part of the hijacking of my email address to send me unwanted updates.

Having issues, battles, legal squabbles, or debates with the university faculty or administration does not give you the right to force "education" of your viewpoint or plight on the entire university community. Feeling you are being treated unfairly, unjustly, or even illegally does not give you the right to break the law or to ignore other people's rights.
Quasi-political motivation and feelings of martyrdom do not justify actions that would be otherwise unacceptable- and all of your dealings with the administration and student body (not to mention that assinine graffitti) are steeped in this self-rightousness and pompous activism. Imagine what kind of support you might have if you made your case calmly, to an interested audience, and didn't resort to theatrics and inflammatory accusations.

Anonymous said...

ah ha ha ha ha ha Rancourt is a youthful protester ah ha ha ha grecian formula denis grecian formula

Anonymous said...

to the 1st 4 posters here
1st they came for the Jews
then they come for you

Anonymous said...

Reported as spam.





Marc Kelly is a douche said...

"1st they came for the Jews
then they come for you"

so... this is the start of some sort of holocaust?

I wonder why people don't take you seriously...

Anonymous said...

I hope Marc Kelly goes to court in the deluded belief that he'll win, and that the university will take him for all he's worth. I watched the videos and it made me very happy to watch Marc get arrested.

Marc Kelly, I hope you support my right to free speech when I say that in my opinion you are a huge douchebag. If you don't stop e-mailing me, and I see you in person, I would be tempted to knock you out.

Of course, if you delete this message, then you're a giant hypocrite for not supporting everyone's free speech.

Anonymous said...

"Of course, if you delete this message, then you're a giant hypocrite for not supporting everyone's free speech."

haha nice try. this has been done, what, a thousand times?

in any case...

I support the change in look of this blog from an artistic point of view. The black and white pictures (and the Free Speech Movement one at the top) are coherent with the 1960s student rebellion theme.

Anonymous said...

I believe that the University is in the right when asking you to take down your images. You DO NOT own them, for they are copyrighted materials. The owner of the copyrights can then say who and who cannot use these images. You are CLEARLY using these images to slander the institution and they have issued a cease and desist.

Maybe in your infinite wisdom you could take the time to understand copyright laws.

the voice of the university said...

"Maybe in your infinite wisdom you could take the time to understand copyright laws."

The Start of the uOttawa Image Copyright Battle

The uOttawa Image Use Policy As Stated By Legal Counsel Michelle Flaherty

Also see Fair Use and Fair Dealing of copyrighted material.

Propaganda Art: The transformation of information for dissemination to the entire population. (To shift the power away from the administration -- to give the power back to the student population.)

Anonymous said...


You are so confident that you know how to take down the Machine that you take down the images when they threaten you! Hahaha!

Some advice: don't make mistakes, don't act out of emotions, and accept that most people do not and will not agree with you, not because of your message, but because of your lunacy.

Until your fights become a war for survival and not just a struggle, your fate will only be a losing one. Of course, some intelligence is also needed.


Anonymous said...

what really bothers is since qhen did we declare him the voice of the university?
I would say that hes more the "U OF O Giant rectum"

art student said...

Marc... does anyone really care about "culture jamming" (cause that's what you're really talking about here, not "propaganda art" which would actually be government propaganda)? It's a niche shared by a few hippies and the indy-hipster "Adbuster" magazine.

Be original, be smarter, stop getting getting arrested. Fight the admin in a way that will actually bring change; the martyrs we remember are the ones who die bringing change, not the ones who die needlessly.

Ken Joly said...


Fair use is an American exemption
Fair Dealing is only for private use or research. This is neither.

You might be a physics prof, but you are terrible at politics and law.

Anonymous said...

Haha you're such a tool,

I bet you get gang raped in prison. That's why you're always trying to get arrested again.

Mark Kelley FAIL. and FAIL and FAIL again

What is is like being the joke of the town