"Youth should be radical. Youth should demand change in the world. Youth should not accept the old order if the world is to move on. But the old orders should not be moved easily -- certainly not at the mere whim or behest of youth. There must be clash and if youth hasn't enough force or fervor to produce the clash the world grows stale and stagnant and sour in decay."

-William Allen White


Oct. 20, 2009. Documents obtained by the Office of the Information & Privacy Commissioner of Ontario. Email exchanges between President Allan Rock and publisher of the Ottawa Citizen Jim Orban reveal how the University of Ottawa controls the media.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The University of Ottawa, The Suppression of Dissent, and the Tyranny of the Dominant Political Ideology

Friday, Nov 21th, 2008


McDonald Hall
Auditorium (MCD 146)

"Responses to various acts of suppression against dissent include:

1. Do not act against the suppression.
Use unofficially recognized or controlled methods.
Use officially recognized or controlled channels.

[...] Doing nothing against the acts of suppression often allows the state of being suppressed (and associated existing errors and fallacies) to continue. Furthermore, doing nothing does not give rise to support for the dissident views. "
-- Wikipedia

(Edit. The following comment was posted in the comment section: I went to the Macdonald Auditorium tonight, but there were a few cop cars and protection vehicles there. I didn't want to go in and get in trouble. What the hell was going on?)


Apostrophe said...

Wikipedia... Now that's what we're talkin' about. Why do we need the administration to make you look like a fool when you're so good at it yourself?

Anonymous said...

I went to the Macdonald Auditorium tonight, but there were a few cop cars and protection vehicles there. I didn't want to go in and get in trouble. What the hell was going on?

Marie Galophe said...

MERCI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!à la semaine prochaine,

art student said...

First of all quoting Wikipedia specifically is absurd, and serves only as cheap theatrics.

Secondly, I fail to see the point of the logo guide. A logo, as a piece of design work, is designed specifically to be recognizable and help create a distinct concept of what a thing is. The "thing" here is the University of Ottawa, and in order to create a professional and identifiable concept of U of O as a university and academic institution, a uniform use of the school's logo should be observed. Failing to maintain a clear visual representation will undermine the legitimacy of the school, and confuse the public with regards to what the school is. As a piece of art for the explicit use of communication, a logo ceases to be effective if it is not accurately and consistently produced.

Furthermore, the guide that you are citing is standard to anyone with even the remotest of experience with art design and marketing. Every organization, from evil-corporation to anarchist-newspaper uses its logo within a clear framework to build an effective identity, and doing otherwise isn't rebellious, it's simple ineffective for the core purposes of the design work, and ultimately ineffective for the organization. Compare it to changing the spelling of your group's name on every different document: it doesn't work.

Anonymous said...

wow, did you source that in your "honours project" too. maybe you should send another email to the dean arguing your grade.

Anonymous said...

Oppssss.... I just edited the wikipedia page....
Your quote is no longer valid,
maybe you should remove or modify it now...

Anonymous said...

Is this silliness still going on? Wow, I thought MK would have shrieked himself hoarse by now.

Maybe he's quieting down since getting arrested? Having a record is not going to help you in the long run? And taking a bullet for Rancourt helps Rancourt, so he won't have to. Coward.

Who knows. When's the court date?

Marie Galophe said...

"And taking a bullet for Rancourt helps Rancourt, so he won't have to. Coward."

How a man who doesn't say his name could use this word, 'coward'?

Do you really think anonymaty is a serious way to express an opinion? And be listened?

Anonymous said...

well, you listened and responded didn't you... and you shouldn't use ad hominem nor tu quoque fallacy to detract from the statement's validity then should you?

Or maybe you were like Marc kelly and got A+ for doing nothing and not showing up for Philosophy or English or Logic or whatever other classes teach this basic principle.


I'm sorry, but anyone who supports Kelly, or stands up for him is a gigantic and ignorant nimrod. I know I am name calling and it's not very civil, but that child has no civility himself. And I firmly believe that you should be judged by the quality of characters with whom you associate.