"Youth should be radical. Youth should demand change in the world. Youth should not accept the old order if the world is to move on. But the old orders should not be moved easily -- certainly not at the mere whim or behest of youth. There must be clash and if youth hasn't enough force or fervor to produce the clash the world grows stale and stagnant and sour in decay."

-William Allen White


Oct. 20, 2009. Documents obtained by the Office of the Information & Privacy Commissioner of Ontario. Email exchanges between President Allan Rock and publisher of the Ottawa Citizen Jim Orban reveal how the University of Ottawa controls the media.

Monday, November 10, 2008

The True Face of Allan Rock

On Monday Nov 10, a letter addressed to President Allan Rock entitled "President Rock, Please Stop" was released to 36 000 students, 2 300 faculty members, and 3 000 administrative staff. The letter linked to this recording. The events surrounding the recording are listed here in reverse chronological order (read bottom up), with links to the email exchanges following and leading up to the incident.

(Edit: Due to much confusion by the readers, it is emphasized that all the background info is provided here: click the links to open the email correspondences. Edit: links are now more obvious.)

Tuesday, Nov 4: Allan Rock apologizes by blaming the victim.(read the email)

Monday, Nov 3: Marc Kelly reports the incident.(read the email)

Monday, Nov 3: Marc Kelly visits Allan Rock's office. Allan Rock repeatedly shouts "Get out of my office!". (listen to the recording)

Wednesday, Oct 29: Marc Kelly expresses to Allan Rock the importance of communication.(read the email)

Tuesday, Oct 28: Marc Kelly visits Allan Rock's office. Allan Rock refuses to speak to him, but promises to respond by email.

Monday, Oct 27:
The Student Federation condemns the University of Ottawa for their flagrant mistreatment of students, in particular for the deliberate abuses of Marc Kelly and Ting Ting Wang. The Student Federation demands the reregistration of Marc Kelly. The Student Federation demands that the administration stop interfering with Marc Kelly's appointment by the Student Federation to the Senate Appeals Committee. (read the letter)

Friday, Oct 24: A press conference is held in McDonald Hall. (watch video here)

Tuesday, Oct 21: The Faculty of Science deregisters Marc Kelly against his will.(read the email)

Wednesday, Oct 15: Marc Kelly expresses to Allan Rock the importance of meeting in person. (read the email)

Tuesday, Oct 14:
Marc Kelly warns Allan Rock of his mistreatment by the Department of Physics and urgently requests a meeting.(read the email)

Related media:
The Department of Physics Abuses Its Power (video)
Controversial U of O prof attacks universities as oppressive destroyers of students' individuality (Ottawa Sun)
Dean Lalonde Runs Away From His Crimes (The Fulcrum)
Thuggery in the Upper Administration (UofO Watch)
Les portes se ferment lorsque l'on veut des explications (La Rotonde)
Students Face Off With Administration (The Fulcrum)

Marc Kelly fait parvenir un courriel à toute la communauté universitaire (La Rotonde)


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Anonymous said...

In response to Marc Kelly's earlier comment: "I would like my peers to understand the importance of freedom and democracy."

I'm so sorry for my earlier criticism. I didn't realize you were EDUCATING us! Freedom and democracy meant nothing to me before ... take back my thousands in tuition fees, UO! I can do all my learnin' right here

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU for sending this!
I'd rather spend my time reading your propaganda than Rock's propaganda

Mohammad said...

Wow i can’t believe the prez would speak to a student like that.
I’ve been treated like shit by a prof before but nothing this bad.
Fucking hate this school.

Anonymous said...


If you buy an iPod and are pissed cause you can't play your records in it, are you going to barge into Steve Jobs' office with your stupid tape recorded to get a reaction out of him?

Mariam K said...

kay life is full of crap and imperfections but I think instead of emailling students who dont even know you, and who have real problems to deal with maybe try and limit the amount of bullshit you have to say to the few people that are actually concerned, how the fuck am i supposed to help you be realistic jackass. we all have/had struggles at some point with our courses but not all of us assume(d) that the every other student wants to hear about it, get real.


Are you serious? said...

Quite frankly, as regards the failing grade: professors keep their exams, so you better be damn sure that you were unjustly failed because you're in physics, it could be real easy for your professors to pull out the exam and show how you failed each questions, it's not social sciences, it's either right or it's wrong, doesn't matter how much you whine about it.
Secondly, take a seat and cool down. From the dates of the emails you sent I would say you're about one more email away from a harassment suit by the President. The more emails you send the less likely he will be to respond. You have to give time for him to a) read it, b) have time to consider it, c) do some research into your issue, d) decide what the best course of action is. given that this is a university with a very bureaucratic system, each of those steps will take time, and you haven't given him the time, instead he's sspending all of his time reading your emails.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with the comments saying that this Marc's personal problem.

I fought against the Code of Conduct and I'm pissed that the U of O would deregister a student!

Where is the student solidarity at?

And yes, this is educating (and it's free!)

Anonymous said...

Is this a joke? First of all, if you fail a level 3000 course during your 6th year of university, you don't belong here anyway. I heard Algonquin College is a little easier. Second of all, he said that's your second time in his office? I presume he didn't want you in there the first time. Why would you go back? Actually nevermind, you're not the brightest guy around right. Anyway, the fact that you turned this into such a big deal reminds me of a little kid just looking for attention. You got it buddy.

Anonymous said...

you useless hippie. your idiotic propaganda doesn't fool anyone. your removal from school is great i applaud it. i applaud mrrock for not tolerating morons like you? what the hell were you thinking barging into his office? DId you really think that it would lead to something positive. Your campaign against the university will backfire and we shall all laugh at you the useless hippie


i'm serious said...


Anonymous said...

"I would like to ...

I would like to ...

I would like my ...

I would like my ...

I would like my ...

This is not only about me, it is about all of us."

For something that's not about you, you come off as pretty self-centered.

What I (and probably many others) would like is for a university degree to mean something. What you are doing is trying to make a university degree a piece of paper you get when you whine like a baby too much. What's the matter, Marc, did someone take your bottle away? Did your bigger bully-friend steal your lunch money? Wah, wah.

Caro said...

We could keep on posting profanities against Marc (I can think of a few myself), but truth is, you've failed buddy. Your claims are unfounded, and you obviously don't have the support of the majority of students. You're not going to win this one. You might as well step back, appologize to Mr. Rock as well as the student population. It's time to end the tantrum, have a nap and be a good boy.

PS I've reported your site as abuse and hope others will as well.

Anonymous said...

Marc will somehow find a way to spin these comments around into saying he has student support, it's the way he operates. Even though the overwhelming majority stands against him.

I'm surprised he hasn't made an appeal for support to Joe the Plumber yet.

Anonymous said...

wouldn't Allan Rock had mentioned it in his response to Marc if the recording was false? he did point out other inaccuracies in Marc's account, but nothing on the recording...

Anonymous said...

why are so many supposedly smart people still asking about where the mailing list comes from. didn't you realize ALL OUR E-MAILS are publicly available on the uottawa website?

Anonymous said...

Jam Masta Flex: youz in it with Masta J??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!!

yo hes cool, yo

Allan Rock groupie said...

We love you Allan!!!!!!!!!!!

Jen said...

Finally, the SFUO understands that it has a duty to represent ALL students, regardless of what other people think of the student.

I cannot believe people criticize the SFUO for taking a pro-student approach – what hypocrisy.

I’m sure these same people will be glad to get help from the SFUO the day they have a problem with this school.

Anonymous said...

fuck you nigger

-it takes more heart to be a blood than a crip

Anonymous said...

its over9000!!!

Amy H said...

I first wanted to express my disgust at the University administration for treating a student the way Allan Rock treated Marc both on the tape and through this whole situation. It should not be my job as a student to remind the administration that it exists for the students. No student should ever be treated this way on campus, much less by the President! I'm disgusted!

I'm also really disapointed by the extremely rude comments that have been posted. This is a fellow student who's being put through hell by the administration. whether or not you agree with the details of Marc's case, it is never ok for the administration to abuse their power by deregistering a student before the drop date and with no prior warning or reason. The students fought hard to get rid of a code of conduct last year allowing administration this kind of power and won. It's an kick in the face to now be doing this to students. It's time to stand together rather than leaving each other out to dry!

Anonymous said...

OOOH yay! A cause... I like to be part of stuff. Damn the Man GO MARC KELLY!! Wait.. what is it you're fighting for again?


the voice of the university said...

"Marc Kelly, however, attacks the university without base, argument, or evidence."

In his email "Allan Rock, Please Stop" Marc wrote the following:

The Student Federation of the University of Ottawa, the collective voice for all University of Ottawa undergraduate students, condemned you and your administration for your:

1. tyranny
2. abuse of power
3. destructive bureaucracy
4. racism
5. psychological stigmatization
6. systematic injustices
7. financial exploitation of the whole student population.


1. TYRANNY: A tyrant is "any person in a position of authority who exercises power oppressively". Where oppressive is synonymous to "harsh and authoritarian".

The admin used their power to manually go into the system and deregister Marc against his will. This is a first in the history of the University of Ottawa. And it is in fact illegal: it is a breach of contract. Marc can legally pursue the University of Ottawa under contract law, and may very well do so with the support of the Student Federation.

Marc asked the Department of Physics "How can I modify my research project in order to satisfy the requirements of the department?". The Chair of the Department Dr. Bela Joos responsed "You can't". Marc asked the Department of Physics for the criteria that acceptable projects must satisfy. The Department of Physics refused to provide him with any information. No other students were required to have their projects approved by the department.

The admin's deregistration of Marc is tyrannical.

2. ABUSE OF POWER: The Dean of the Faculty of Science Dr. Andre Lalonde is withholding Marc's keys and barring him from his research lab.

Dean Lalonde claims the lab belongs to him, and that Marc has no need to use it. The Chair of Physics Dr. Joos claims there is a radiation hazard.

Sean Kelly, the Chief Steward of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) contacted Richard Piechowski, from the Office of Risk Management, Environment Health & Safety, who stated, in an email dated Oct. 29, 2008, that "the general Rule is that Supervisor/Professor acts like Capitan [sic] on the ship. He bears full responsibility (in this case for lab safety), his decisions are final and he can not be overruled by anyone."

Dean Lalonde is abusing his position of power to override the authority of the supervisor and block Marc from his research lab. It is the supervisor who formally controls the lab resources according to the Office of Risk Management, Environment Health & Safety. The supervisor has demanded that Marc be given access to the lab so that he may perform his work duties required by his Research Assistant contract.

Marc is currently grieving this with the support of Canadian Union of Public Employees.

Barring Marc from his lab is an abuse of power by the admin.

3.DESTRUCTIVE BUREAUCRACY: Yesterday, an e-mail was sent to from a distressed student who felt greatly cheated by the mechanical bureaucracy of the university. He described his situation at length, said he knew of many others in similar situations, and he asked for help. He wrote:

"This semester I have 3 courses, one of which is a project worth 6 credits. Next semester I was planning to graduate with 5 courses, but now with the addition of this course, and given its too late to take a class this semester, I will not be able to graduate (according to rabaska, all other electives are in conflict with my winter schedule). I was misinformed by both the help desk representative at the time (cannot remember) and rabaska. Knowing this before this semester, I could have taken an elective this semester in order to graduate. Now I may have to return for the sole purpose of taking 1 last class. "

International student Ting Ting Wang has also suffered severe financial damages due to the rigid bureaucy of the University of Ottawa. The Student Federation condemned the administration for their flagrant mistreatment of Ting Ting Wang. You can read her story HERE.

The University of Ottawa's bureaucracy is destructive.

If you feel you have been misinformed, cheated, or unfairly handled by the University of Ottawa, the Student Appeals Center, a service provided by the Student Federation, will help you regain what was taken away from you:

Student Appeal Centre
UCU Room 101
Tel.: 613 562-5800 ext. 2350

4.RACISM: The Student Appeals Center deals with cases where students have been accused of plagiarism, cheating and fraud. And they have statistical evidence of racial profiling by the University of Ottawa.

The Student Appeals Center will soon be releasing a public report that will expose the racism and other forms of student abuse that occur at the University of Ottawa.

Last year's report is summarized HERE.

5.PSYCHOLOGICAL STIGMATIZATION: Vice President Robert Major coerced the Student Federation to reject Marc's nomination to the Senate Appeals Committee by telling them that he is crazy.

This is called psychological stigmatization. Pyschological stigmatization is very serious, as is sexism, racism, homophobia, etc.

But this is not an isolated case. The admin routinely disposes of students by claiming they are mentally unstable, denying them fair treatment.

Many students do suffer from anxiety, from depression, from schizophrenia, etc. To discriminate against someone based on their mental health is unacceptable in our society. It has serious consequences to the individual, can worsen their mental well-being, and can lead to social exclusion.

Imagine if Vice President Major said to the Student Federation "we have to reject his nomination; he's gay."

The admin practices psychological stigmatization.

6. SYSTEMATIC INJUSTICES: Injustices against students by profs and by the admin occur daily. The University of Ottawa currently has no policy to protect undergrads from discrimination, harrassment, intimidation, etc. Graduate students are protected from these forms of abuse under Policy 110.

Policy 110 does not apply to undergrads.

All it would take is the addition of one sentence that says "This policy applies to all students."

When Marc pursued Prof. James Harden for discrimination, he met with the Dean of Science Dr. Andre Lalonde (who also practices psychological stigmatization). Marc pointed to a clause in Policy 110 that states:

"No member of the academic community shall be subject to discrimination by reason of [...] political [or] academic beliefs."

Dean Lalonde responded, "Policy 110 only applies to graduate students."

7. FINANCIAL EXPLOITATION OF THE WHOLE STUDENT POPULATION: The admin recently introduced "late fees". Students are now charged late registration fees, late payment fees, along with interest. The admin also introduced a "split payment fee" that penalizes the poor. The Student Federation communicated to the admin that these charges are unecessary and harm students.

On October 27, GSAED Rep Frederico Carjaval and SFUO Rep Seamus Wolfe presented to the Board of Governors all the reasons why the University of Ottawa needs to lower its tuition fees. Their presentation was detailed and thorough.

The admin responded "Lowering tuition fees is a non-issue for us."

The University of Ottawa financially exploits the whole student population.

the voice of the university said...

Marc Kelly requests that those individuals who hold strong negative feelings towards Marc refrain from posting profanity on this blog.

There are many serious issues to discuss and raise awareness about, and engaging in primary-school bullying discourages many with sincere concerns from posting to this forum.

If it is important for you to express your negativity towards Marc, Marc asks that you contact him at his personal email,, and refrain from poisoning this forum.

Please note that Marc has already received multiple requests to: die, fuck off, go away, kill himself, get his face bashed in by Allan Rock, etc. Further requests of this nature would be superfluous.

Anonymous said...

In theory, what you have set out to do is admirable. Your practice is abominable.

Forcibly shoving your extremely biased point of view down the throats of your peers is obviously going to rub some recipients the wrong way.

If you truly care for your cause, it would be wise to avoid insulting and belittling the people you are supposedly representing. Your current behaviour is sabotaging your cause.

You cannot expect to be supported and respected when you continually disrespect those around you.

The "evidence" and observations that you have selectively chosen to present are far from objective and do not provide enough information to form an opinion on this matter. (I am very disappointed in the students who have blindly accepted your biased information without any further fact checking.)

Others have called the university disgusting for what they have done. Although this may or may not be true, you yourself continue to carry on in an equally disgusting and despicable manner. You shield yourself from criticism with the unfair power imbalance of the situation.

You are fighting the establishment by personally attacking individuals who are entitled to the same human rights and respect that you are. By dehumanizing them, you have dehumanized yourself.

Your philosophy is overshadowed by the invasive and disrespectful nature of your practice.

Anonymous said...

First of all, I would like to correct to those of you who believe it is illegal to record a conversation without the consent of the other parties. According to the law (see previous post from another person about where to find it), it is legal to record a conversation without consent as long as the recording is CONTINUOUS and UNTEMPERED with. Therefore, Mark's recoding is LEGAL and could be used in court. Sometimes, it is necessary to do these kinds of recordings as it is the only way to have an administration respect their words. On many instances administrative staff have said one thing at one time and something entirely another for the same request or situation.

Secondly, as a student of the University of Ottawa, I am truly ashamed about the way the administration is handling this whole situation. I have experienced first hand the way this University mistreats its students. This University and many of its departments are racists and authoritarians. Students are considered garbage that can be easily disposed of. They are threaten with impunity and sometimes to the point of being illegal. Virtually no dialogues exist and students' opinions are at best, disregarded. Many examples exist that are not public yet for different reasons that I will not discuss here.

Thirdly, although I do not agree with some of the methods Mark employed in the past (such as the use of graffiti) , I cannot condemn him for his attempt to bring this whole situation to the public's attention. This is a grave matter that needs to be known throughout the University
because it could influence many other students who would not be aware of their rights. By going forward publicly about this, Mark has made aware a lot of students about the way the University deals with unwanted students and how wrong this is, and that they do have a place to turn to in the Student Appeal Center.

Finally, for those of you who have been making those more than useless comments (e.g., "Go fuck yourself" and the likes) until you receive a similar injustice, try to get help from your department and get treated as a criminal, you will never understand what it means to be mistreated. Little problem with professors are not mistreatment, they're just that problems with a professor. Therefore I think it is pointless to waste anymore time trying to convince you. It just saddens me to see that some of you are so blinded by your own little world that you fail to see the larger picture and its implications for all of us.

Anonymous said...

"5.PSYCHOLOGICAL STIGMATIZATION: Vice President Robert Major coerced the Student Federation to reject Marc's nomination to the Senate Appeals Committee by telling them that he is crazy."

You ARE clearly fucking crazy. Emailing thousands of people about some bullshit that we don't care about. Look at all the SUPPORT you've got here...hahahahahah

i'm rational said...


Anonymous said...

Marc, why do you refer to yourself in third person above? (i.e. Marc... Marc...)

Is this a lame attempt to disguise your clearly SELF-CENTERED b.s. as some sort of wider student movement?

Anonymous said...

" Mohammad said...

Wow i can’t believe the prez would speak to a student like that. I’ve been treated like shit by a prof before but nothing this bad. Fucking hate this school."

You hate the U of O? Leave, then. No point in staying if you hate it so much.

Anonymous said...

"It just saddens me to see that some of you are so blinded by your own little world that you fail to see the larger picture and its implications for all of us."

It saddens me that this commenter and others cannot respect that some students are interested in issues other than the facetious battles of the very privileged anarchists on campus.

tm said...

After reading through Mr. Kelly's paper, it seems to me that it is merely an unveiled, defamatory, and puerile attack on a group of specific individuals working at the university and who are named in the main text and in the footnotes.

Enveloping a simplistic mathematical model (this is just first-year linear algebra) around words like "ass-licking" (hey! it's scientific) does not constitute unconventional research.

For those of you who still feel sorry for Mr. Kelly, just read through his paper; page 6 is particularly crass and bitter.

Anonymous said...

it's obvious that among all the people who are mistreated, those who are relatively privileged will probably speak out more.

thus whenever someone speaks out about those things it's only the tip of the iceberg, many people are humiliated, intimidated, harrassed but will never make it public, especially if they are people from traditionally underprivileged groups.

Anonymous said...

"It saddens me that this commenter and others cannot respect that some students are interested in issues other than the facetious battles of the very privileged anarchists on campus."

Don't get me wrong, I know that most of you won't be interested in this issue (I don't know why you posted however, more less read it). I respect that. It still saddens me though.

Anonymous said...

Notice a pattern here? If you don't agree with him or his "legions" (and I use that term very lightly as to not represent a large amount of people but a minuscule amount) You are labeled as someone who doesn't understand the issues or is unsympathetic to "THE CAUSE".

This individual is dangerous both in the way he goes about manipulating facts and people as well as by his threatening and aggressive methods to try and get HIS (not everyone's)point across (barging into offices and classrooms sometimes masking his identity).

He is not an exemplary student and would probably argue that he doesn't want to be because he doesn't want to fall into the "mold". He is even less of a stand up citizen.

He seems to be a pawn for the SFUO as well. They have transformed themselves from a legitimate student government into partisan antagonists.

I do not think that Marc Kelly is owed anything, especially the respect and support of his peers.

Taylor said...

I am reading through what has been posted confused as to what his thesis actually is. I have been unable to understand the controversies regarding this research because I do not know what the research is about. Could someone fill me in.

Anonymous said...

So a social sciences student did not realize she was in a math class until she failed it, seems unlikely... And a science student who failed a class (unlikely to happen right) makes a big deal out of it...

Wish I was there when Alan Rock opened up the e-mail with the sound clip though.. priceless.

Anonymous said...

So a social sciences student took a MATH class and did not realize it until she failed it at the end of the semester (seems unlikely). And a science student who failed a class (unlikely right) is making a huge deal out of it. Sorry but I don't understand the issues here.

Though I admit it would have been funny to see Alan Rock's face when he opened up that e-mail with the sound clip.

Anonymous said...

Re: "Don't get me wrong, I know that most of you won't be interested in this issue (I don't know why you posted however, more less read it). I respect that. It still saddens me though."

You missed my point. My comment was not about my own personal interest in this issue. I was commenting about the fact that Marc and supporters like yourself belittle the intelligence of those who cannot devote themselves entirely to Marc and Rancourt's battles.

Everyone has their own priorities and opinions, and they are not neccessarily identical to what Marc Kelly thinks they should be. Why is it so hard to respect personal choice?

Anonymous said...

"Everyone has their own priorities and opinions, and they are not necessarily identical to what Marc Kelly thinks they should be. Why is it so hard to respect personal choice?"

The we both missed each other points. I know and understand that not everyone will have the time or the interest to invest themselves into Mark's battles (I'm one of them because I have my own stuff to take as weel). But not investing yourself and just ignoring them just because you refuse to see it are two different things. You can refuse to participate in their battles but still be aware and critical of such treatments.

Joe Hickey said...

Allan Rock's behaviour is completely unacceptable! That the President of the university would act in this way completely flies in the face of any notion of collegiality, or just being a decent human being. Even more importantly, coming from an official position, a position of decision-making power, his violent refusal to communicate with Marc constitutes a flagrant abuse of power!

The student response to Allan Rock's behaviour is terrifying! We're hearing, 200 times over, our campus cultural mantra that says: "OBEY THE MASTER. FOLLOW ALL RULES. SILENCE ALL DISSIDENCE."

Welcome to Zombieland!

Anonymous said...

Man: Look, this isn't an argument.

Mr. Vibrating: Yes it is.

Man: No it isn't, it's just contradiction.

Mr. Vibrating: No it isn't.

Man: It is.

Mr. Vibrating: It is not.

Man: Look, you contradicted me.

Mr. Vibrating: I did not.

Man: Oh you did.

Mr. Vibrating: No, no, no.

Man: You did just then.

Mr. Vibrating: Nonsense.

Man: Oh, this is futile.

Mr. Vibrating: No it isn't.

Man: I came here for a good argument.

Mr. Vibrating: No, you didn't. No, you came here for an argument.

Man: An argument isn't just contradiction.

Mr. Vibrating: It can be.

Man: An argument is a connected series of statements intended to establish a proposition.

Mr. Vibrating: No it isn't.

Man: Yes it is. It's not just contradiction.

Mr. Vibrating: Look, if I argue with you, I must take up a contrary position.

Man: But that's not just saying, "No it isn't."

Mr. Vibrating: Yes it is.

Man: No it isn't. An argument is an intellectual process. Contradiction is just the automatic gainsaying of any statement the other person makes.

Mr. Vibrating: No it isn't.

Man: Yes it is.

Mr. Vibrating: Not at all.

Man: Now look...

Mr. Vibrating: [bell rings] Good morning.

Man: What?

Mr. Vibrating: That's it. Good morning.

Man: It was just getting interesting.

Mr. Vibrating: Sorry, the five minutes is up.

Man: That was never five minutes.

- Monty Python

Anonymous said...

"Notice a pattern here? If you don't agree with him or his "legions" (and I use that term very lightly as to not represent a large amount of people but a minuscule amount) You are labeled as someone who doesn't understand the issues or is unsympathetic to "THE CAUSE"."

Not at all, it's not about agreeing with him or not... it's about recognizing that this University does whatever it wants without respect to its students population.

"He is not an exemplary student and would probably argue that he doesn't want to be because he doesn't want to fall into the "mold". He is even less of a stand up citizen."

I wonder what you would qualify as an "exemplary student or citizen".
If you think an exemplary student is someone who should agree to the abuse grad students are facing everyday from some professors and staff members (mind you, not all of them are abusers but more than enough) because if he doesn't he won't be able to graduate, then I have to disagree with you.

Anonymous said...

For thos arguing that Marc doesn't present facts, I would offer that Marc's letter had tons of facts, take this one for example:

"I am an unworthy subversive, and lowly nuisance, an expendable member of the student population".

I think it's pretty accurate, now if only I could find a way to integrate it into a "multidisciplinary" physics thesis... I'd be onto something.

hot-linker said...

"now if only I could find a way to integrate it into a 'multidisciplinary' physics thesis..."

"Marc's letter had tons of facts, take this one for example: 'I am an unworthy subversive, and lowly nuisance, an expendable member of the student population'. I think it's pretty accurate."

Anonymous said...

For man love email:

Anonymous said...

i found this:

and this::

it looks like this mark guy likes emailing people

Anonymous said...

i also found this:

"The Seeds of a New University: Breaking Free From The Pedagogical Dogma That Confines Young Minds"

pfft gargh guy just go build your own university already

and make sure you don't invite the physics department cause they clearly don't like you

Anonymous said...


How dare you call yourself a representation of Student interest. Who the hell do you think you are? Barging in unnanounced into a professional setting with a voice/tap recorder without prior consent to do so is exceedingly unprofessional and in most cases also illegal. You're lucky your backside isn't being taken to court for posting that recording. Thanks to you, it is probably going to be all the more difficult to speak to/get an appointment with Administration now. No wonder nobody takes university students seriously! We have people like you mis-representing our ideals for your own personal interests. Set a proper example for christ sake! Perhaps a career with the Papparazzi is more your style.

Oh and one more thing, stop sending the students of uOttawa propaganda bs via email.

Anonymous said...

You are a SHITHEAD.
Voice of the rest of the university.

Anonymous said...

Why am I not surprised that nobody in the University of Ottawa really cares. Bud I think maybe you should have gone to U of T or some other university a lot of the problem is that Anglophones seem to get second rate service at this university whether your trying to enroll in a course or trying to get your student status back.

Anonymous said...

Okay, you got screwed by the Faculty of Science and the profs should have at least tried to work out a compromise before deregistering you. That doesn't change the fact that you went out of your way to make the situation worse and generate as much drama as possible. Your complaints seem legitimate at first, but you quickly start to sound like a complete attention whore. It's unfortunate that you got denied the services you paid for and obviously deserve, but if you recorded a conversation without my knowledge and later barged into my office without making an appointment, I'd tell you to get the fuck out. It's obvious that neither side is interesting in resolving the issue, so I don't see why I should care.

Anonymous said...

dude, you email me again about this bullshit and ill personally hold your arms back while mr.rock punches you in the gut.
bring your research to the faculty of psych or education, see if they want it. and switch majors.

Anonymous said...

its OVER9000!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Please post your email to discuss this case.
I am quite interested.

Marc Kelly said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Now you're all over the place Marc. Hubert Dibbens? You've gone off the deep end dude. Good luck...

Anonymous said...

Wait I'm confused. Go there ==> 11/14 Ron Hawkins (Lowest Of The Low), Trevor Alguire @ Zaphod Beeblebrox

the voice of the university said...

The following comment was posted above (two posts up) by an anonymous reader under the pseudonym "marc kelly":

Hubert Dibbens always knew how to make the best out of life. Strong willed and ambitious, Hubert was on a fast track to success. By age 12 he'd began investing in stocks and bonds, by 15 he already had limited partnerships in 3 small tech businesses, and by 20, only 2 years into university, he was already pulling a 7-figure salary at a major accounting firm. Hubert never had a problem around the ladies, for not only did he come from good Colombian stock, he had the technical know-how to get into a woman's pants. Money man by day, life of the party by night, he had it all.
So when Hubert struck up a connection with his old high school cronie Janis and decided to test the waters around a more stable relationship, even his most distant friends quickly hoisted warning flags. But Hubert, stuborn as a mule and intoxicated with love's trickery, continued to be drawn in by Janis' intense powers of seduction. He continuously thought to himself "how bad could it get?" And in all honesty at first it wasn't that bad: movies, art conventions and hot sex, the thought of being in a relationship did not phase him in the least bit. But little did he know at the time that Janis was using her feminine powers to pull a veritable bait and switch.
The metamorphisis was gradual. First she began covertly withholding certain sensual pleasures which had in the past been a benchmark of the relationship. A new trifecta had established itself: that of blackmail, bribery and torture. Bruised and beaten with shackles on his ankles wrists and neck, Hubert began to second guess his decision to enter a stable relationship with his significant other. Once a cheery songbird, Hurbert's wings were promptly clipped and his soul caged. He slowly succumbed.
The changes to his persona were painfully apperant. Once a charismatic businessman, Hubert lost his sales edge and with it his job at the accounting firm. His finances were quickly exhasted. Of course, this had no effect on Janis who was hellbent on destroying every aspect of Hubert's life. And for what rational reason did she have to bring down such a great man? Jealousy? Fear? Revenge? No, for feminine nature operates well outside the bounds of logic and reason. The motivation for the senseless distruction of this great man's life could not be explained even by the greatest of psychologists. Janis, like most women, can be labled as "crazy" afflicted with or exhibiting irrationality and mental unsoundness.
But a valuable lesson could be learned from all of this. Several years prior to the event, Hubert had met a man on the city bus who spoke words of prophecy. He promised unimaginable freedoms and brought forth oracle which offered warnings of the true diabolicle nature that is that of the female condition, which is determined to bring about the complete and total annihilation of the male gender. However, the prophetic teachings were quickly dismissed as the insane ramblings of a raving lunatic.
Now, think if he had only listened to the teachings of the great Marc Kelly, how different his life would have been.

Marc Kelly said...

"Marc, Please post your email to discuss this case. I am quite interested."

Anonymous: you can reach me at

Anonymous said...

I'm a physicist and I deplore the fact that the SFUO nominated this individual to represent me! He is not supported by the great majority of us. The SFUO as no right to appoint a person to represent a group who doesn't him to represent them. Thats abuse of power and then they dare to say that there better then the institution they fight. They crave power and use it for self-representation.
ALSO MARC KELLY LEAVES OUT SO MANY FACTORS OUT OF HIS WEBSITE BECAUSE HE ONLY USES THE ONES THAT HELPS HIM GET SOME SUPPORT. BUT MOST OF IT IS DISTORTED. WE ARE WELL PLACE TO KNOW BECAUSE WE SEE EVRYTHING THAT GOES ON EVERYDAY HERE IN THE PHYSICS DEPARTMENT. So the people that think blindly give him support I would suggest you somewhat do some research or atleast ask the other party to find out whats going on. Because this guy lies and has being lying to you since the beginning.

Anonymous said...

This SPAM should not have been sent around to all students and faculty. This issue is not presented correctly.. this page nor the email represent the issue soundly or as a whole. It actually reminds me of a CNN news article. STOP THE SPAMMING and HARASSMENT of the greater population.

Anonymous said...

Fact: MK decided unilaterally he did not need to write the final exam in an advanced physics class. Result: he failed it.

Fact: MK did not design an acceptable honours project. Its summary is absurd and has nothing whatsoever to do with the empirical science of physics. Result: he was not allowed to do it for credit. In reality, this was a kindness as letting him pursue a nonphysics project in the Physics Department would have led to an INC, which has the GPA equivalent of an F. Rancourt does NOT care about students, he cares about himself.

Fact: Complaints about the university not being forthcoming about the facts of this case are unfounded - the university is bound by law (FIPPA) to not release ANY private information. Even if MK's mom called the university and asked about him, the university is legally bound to not even admit that MK is a student. They can say NOTHING. So, what has really happened in MK's past at the university cannot be revealed unless he does something unexpectedly honourable and waives his privacy rights. Marc? Will you step up here or are you going to continue your absurd game of hiding behind stunts and propaganda?

Fact: U of O Voice is Denis Rancourt's propaganda blog, continuing his several years-long war against the regular functioning of the university. The many people he and his sycophantic followers (Severin, Philippe, blah, blah, blah) have slandered over the years have witnesses his uniform disregard for reality and increasingly frenetic attempts at self-aggrandizement. This has nothing to do with activism, it has to do with anarchy and Rancourt's apparent desire to be allowed to be paid a hell of a lot of money to do nothing constructive, just so long as it is whatever he wants.

Fact: Invading people's offices is a violent act. Violence does not require that you strike someone. It can include other forms of abuse as well. Invasions imply violence. Period.

Ask the secretaries in the Faculty of Science if they are worried about their safety. Ask them why they now lock their doors. Ask the professors if they are worried about their safety. They will smile nervously, and say that they aren't sure if they should be worried but that this madness has to stop. They shouldn't have to WONDER if they are safe. They should KNOW they are. Ask professors and secretaries whether their work environment is improved because of MK's implied violence, or Rancourt's pursuit of his imagined vendetta. Uniformly, the answer is no, the work environment is poisoned by this madness.

The situation resembles that of Valerie Fabrikant, another paranoid delusional who took his vendetta one small step further. Marc's actions have brought this matter to a possibly dangerous level. And Rancourt is helping him do it. There is no excuse - if you spend a long time inciting possibly unstable people, someday you're likely to find a real whack job and people will get hurt. Is MK one of those people? He's off to a pretty worrisome start.

The sad thing in this is that vulnerable students get sucked into Rancourt's warped little vendetta. MK is just the latest. But he has made the chilly bed he is going to have to sleep in now. It's going to be lonely. Too bad.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Kelly's "research" is blatant propaganda tactlessly disguised as science. I would reject it myself. His self-written letter is so pathetically, fully and completely biased in his own favour that I fail to understand how anybody could read it and resultantly feel sympathy for him, much less support him. His pitiful attempt to harass and extort fame and academic prestige antagonistically from a newly elected university president and actual scholar is sad, heartless, inconsiderate and wholly disrespectful.

P.Tori said...

I believe there is a far more pressing issue than this whole thing. I would like to see the SFUO investigate the issue of why this situation was emailed to so many people, when obviously the SFUO does not represent nearly as many people as they'd like to in this situation. Though I do believe that Marc's being de-registered IS an abuses of power in the end, I also find the administration they are completely within their realm to do so.

From what I've found on this individual via the internet, he has plagiarized the work of someone else in his graffiti propaganda campaign and upon being called out on this by the owner of the work responded with a holier than thou attitude ( ). With that too, the vandalism at all is in my mind grounds for de-registering him, not to mention that he did not wish to actually do the course work that he was expected to, which I again find to be a part of the holier than thou attitude. He was notified multiple times that he was to do things in a certain framework, yet he regularly disregarded these statements.

If this really was about others, Marc would NOT be looking to get himself re-instated as a student in any department, and would in fact be working more towards supporting the student body and attempting to get things put into the working bureaucracy that is Ottawa U that would make it harder for the administrating body to de-register students from their courses and from the school as a whole, but instead he is acting as if he has been hurt beyond measure and that we must all rally behind him, for our own protection. In the end we students get nothing out of this crusade, at all. By reinstating this individual, I find that the SFUO and the administration will be doing far more harm to the student body than good, because they will essentially be saying (and I find that the SFUO IS saying), that the actions of Marc are all alright, and that there is no need for him to stand up and become accountable for his own lack of decency as a person, that Marc does not need to stand up and be accountable for his own irresponsibility, that Marc does not need to stand up and be accountable to all the students that the SFUO says they represent.

I find that the actions of Marc as a whole are lack luster as best, and are more along the lines of someone who is out to seek attention and make a name for himself rather than the actions of someone who is actually looking to influence change. Should Marc be allowed back into Ottawa U, I wholeheartedly believe that he will simply dangle this over everyone's heads as a victory for himself, and will simply push his actions farther and farther. Already he had committed crimes in the name of his agenda, already he has disrupted the learning of others, already he has attempted to turn the students against the entire Ottawa U staff, and I assure everyone that this is not where he will end it.

This whole problem could have easily been resolved from the beginning if he had just accepted to change his project as per the guidelines he received, instead of attempting to make himself into a martyr for a cause that obviously many individuals do not care for. I myself had no real concern for what was going on until I received the email, but due to that and the investigating that I did in regards to this situation and the individual himself, I find myself not only supporting Mr. Rock and the administration in what they have done, but I also find myself in the position that I will be quite disheartened and offended if the administration lets an individual such as Marc back into the University. He obviously does not like it here, and by accepting him back we simply allow him to continue on causing problems for students who really do wish to be at Ottawa U.

There has been mention of professors being mean to students and what not on this blog, but I believe that part of the problem is because they have had to deal with individual such as Marc here, who have made some professors feel as though they must be defensive about their position. It is people like Marc here that create a very strained and stressed relationship between the student body and the administration, and it is situations like this that are needless. Professors are there to help you learn, and they each do that in their own way, but when they are forced to deal with the actions of individuals such as Marc, it is more than understandable that some of them can be quite combative. Students randomly walking into your offices with recorders in a very combative manor, countless emails attempting to make yourself seem like a victim to the entire body, attempting to slander the name of the staff. These kinds of actions will of course turn you into a harder teacher and a more combative teacher, simply to deal with the stress that these situations create.

Personally, I was going to vote against the University joining the Canadian Federation of Students(CFS), but now depending upon the way that this plays out, I find myself presently supporting the CFS and will vote accordingly, simply because I believe that the SFUO must be punished for acting in such a foolish manner as they have here, and supporting a student who obviously does not deserve it, nor does he have overwhelming support of the students. I agree, that under normal circumstances, he should not have been dropped, but these are not normal circumstances. He has committed crimes on school property, he has blatantly disregarded his studies, and has created nothing but a hassle and a waste of time for his professors. What if we leave him back in, and he does this assignment, hmmm? If he fails, will he now argue that point too and say that it was all political because they wanted to prove a point, and will the SFUO be supporting him again to push for him to pass?

I truly enjoy as well how the more valid debate that the SFUO has with the administration, that of the young lady with the Math course fail, has received far less "press" than this matter. I support the SFUO completely in her case, and believe that they are doing the right thing there, but I believe the two cases should be switched. This case does not deserve nearly as much attention as it has received, and the young lady with the failed math deserves far more, but because of this case, I would not be surprised of her situation suffered because "everyone" was out in defense of Marc, which put farther strain on the student body and the administration's relations.

I also take issue with the way that this matter is being handled. It's being argued among the student body, instead of there being an open dialog between the students and the administration, and a lot of the blame seem to be on the side of the student body for this, and by that I mean Marc. He has been at the administration non-stop, without even giving them a chance to look into the situation as required. This will surely cause bad blood between the administration and all involved, and that is what we are beginning to see now. This debate needs to be taken as that, a debate between the administration and the student body, but right now it's turning into a fight not in offices, but in the "media" and "press", with many people caught in the middle who don't want to be there.

I will end in saying that Marc does not deserve any support for any of his actions for the reasons above, and should Marc receive any more support from the SFUO, and if he continues to act in such a way as he has, I will vote in support of Ottawa U joining the CFS. Be it they win or not, I want the SFUO to know that I for one do not support their actions in this case, and I urge anyone who feels likewise to do the same as myself.

- P. 'Gyhth' Tori

art student said...

Marc, do not ever send me an email again. Your pompuos "education" is comparable to the same information control you claim to stand against. I do not support you, and request that you recognize in me a comparable degree of rationality; get off your high horse.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Marc. You seem to have hit a nerve. So many really clever students judging you to be insignificant yet spending hours reading and replying. They really need to tell you how wrong you are. They need you to hear them. They need to convince everyone to reject you.

We spent a whole class today (PSY 3rd year) talking about your case. We decided that your methods are simply unacceptable. You can't just walk in and expect to talk with the President. He hasn't announced an open door policy on his blog yet and now he may never do so?

I would have loved to see Rock's face opening up your email: "Oh shit... he gone and posted it to the web... and spammed the whole fukin campus..." "Thank God my buddies at the UN know I'm all for human rights." "Gotta get the whole team on this one." "Where's Pamela when you need her? Why the hell couldn't she stop this kid? And, Robert, what the hell is he good for? Damn kid. How did he get all the emails?"

---love it

David said...


I just want to ask... And I hope you don't mind...

Are you gay? I mean I don't want to be rude or anything, I mean there's nothing wrong with being gay, whether you are or not, and if you're not I swear I meant nothing by this... but I just have this funny urge to know... Are you gay?

Anonymous said...

"Wow. Marc. You seem to have hit a nerve. So many really clever students judging you to be insignificant yet spending hours reading and replying. They really need to tell you how wrong you are. They need you to hear them. They need to convince everyone to reject you."

The man is trolling over 30 000 people. Even if he is just human garbage, he deserves at least some acknowledgement.

Marc Kelly said...

"So, what has really happened in MK's past at the university cannot be revealed unless he does something unexpectedly honourable and waives his privacy rights. Marc? Will you step up here or are you going to continue your absurd game of hiding behind stunts and propaganda?"

I have already signed a waiver with the Office of the President giving them full permission to release my personal information (to the Student Federation and to the media) regarding this situation. This was a necessary legality to permit communication with the Office of the President.

If you would like information from "the other side", I encourage you to contact the Office of the President:

Office of the President
room 212

If you identify yourself as an independent media reporter, they must answer your questions. If they attempt to hide information, you can tell them "Marc gave me permission". If they do not believe you, you can ask them to call me at 613-234-3492.

I encourage you to report any information you gather.

Having both sides of the story will permit everyone to decide for themselves.

I also encourage you to meet with Allan Rock in person. However, I would recommend booking an appointment before entering his office. The best way to do this is to send an e-mail that explains who you are and why you want to meet. If you are unable to book an appointment after over 4 months, because the Office of the President does not respond to any of your e-mail messages, then I would suggest leaving a voice message on their phone system. I would leave at least two. You could even follow up on your voice message by writing what you said in an email, in case their phone system was malfunctioning on those days.

If you still cannot book an appointment because the Office of the President does not return your phone calls, then I would suggest going through an officially recognized body, such as the Student Federation (assuming you are a student). The Office of the President must respond swiftly to the Student Federation, because that is how the world works.

If you still do not receive a response from the Office of the President after they are contacted by the Student Federation, I would then suggest going to the Office of the President to book an appointment in person at the reception desk. The receptionist will write down your contact information on a blue slip, and she will tell you that you will get a call the next day with a tentative appointment time.

If the next day you do not get a call, I would recommend writing another email message to the Office of the President. Then, I would wait approximately one week.

If after one week you still have not been contacted to schedule a meeting time, I would suggest returning to the Office of the President to speak to the receptionist again.

If, while speaking to the receptionist, you see Allan Rock sitting at his desk through a wide open door, I would recommend stepping into his office and saying "Hi Mr. Rock".

It is acceptable to step through an open office door, because the University of Ottawa has an open-door policy. An open-door policy fosters collegiality, and makes everyone quite friendly. According to the University of Ottawa's Vision 2010, "Collegiality [is one of the principles] that guide our university governance."

You may already know about the open-door policy, if you frequently visit professors and administrators on campus. Professors at the University of Ottawa are always happy to receive students when their doors are open. Most companies and work places have open-door policies as well, in order to foster a healhy work environment.

However, before visiting the Office of the President, I would recommend that you wear a recording device for your protection. There is a chance Allan Rock may intimidate you out of his office by yelling "Get out of my office!". If you are unsure whether or not wearing a recording device without informing the other party is permissble, I would recommend consulting a lawyer, and getting a professional legal opinion on the matter. Professional legal opinions are very costly, but fortunately the Student Appeals Center has already purchased a legal opinion on the legality of recording. You may wish to contact them, and read through the document. It will convince you that recording is acceptable, as long as it is for your protection.

If Allan Rock does indeed shout at you, I would recommend you let others know, perhaps the Student Federation and the media. It is important to let others know. According to the University of Ottawa's Vision 2010, "transparency [is one of the principles] that guide our university governance". Transparency is necessary in a democratic and free society. Transparency means reporting and exposing unfair treatment of students by the administration. This helps the administration correct their behaviour, it teaches them to be kind to students, and it creates a more just and friendly environment for everyone.

However, Allan Rock may reply to the Student Federation and to the media claiming that you went into his office with the sole intention of provoking him, and that you frightened and upset his assistant in the process.

You may feel that this is not true. In your case, this would be a lie: you were only there to ask a few questions about Marc Kelly. If you feel that he purposefully defamed your character in order to protect his image, I would suggest that you let the uOttawa community know about this incident. It is important for everyone to know how their President treats students. Informing the uOttawa community of the incident would play a role in protecting all students from being subjected to such treatment by the President in the future. What if a confused student accidentally barged into Allan Rock's private office without booking an appointment?

However, I would suggest that you exercise caution when communicating with the uOttawa community. After you inform the uOttawa community of Allan Rock's beaviour, you may receive death threats. Some students may even want to "cut your balls off".

Anonymous said...

WOW yeah yo delete other people's comment about proof of how full of shit you are!!
hahaha i wrote stuff that you didn't like because im part of your department and know exactly whats going on!!!
your so full of hit.
Your tring to get support by lying but when someone writes something to show how full of hit you are you delete their message!

Anonymous said...

its OVER9000

Anonymous said...

Hey, how's your account doing over at National Capital Freenet, Denis?

I guess the spam will come from a different source next time.

Marc: we did the fact check, and you lost. Badly. You've made yourself look like an irretrievable idiot and dragged the SFUO into the garbage with you. While you were at it, you managed to make a lot of people worry about their personal safety.

Good call, Dean, for diving into the deep end of someone else's fantasy. WTF were you thinking? Perhaps you were not thinking at all. You really needed to get a little information before committing yourself to this particular folly. You should resign before you're fired.

Anonymous said...

You know, if you act scary enough Marc, people begin to worry they should call the police when they see you. That's why everyone is starting to lock their doors on campus now.

Your specious babbling about open door policy is your own invention, kind of a sick but deliberate extrapolation some light years beyond the Vision 2010 statement, which says nothing of the sort.

You're clearly unbalanced and need help. I hope you get it before doing a Fabrikant.

Thanks for poisoning the campus atmosphere so you can unilaterally decide to not write final exams when it doesn't suit you.

Anonymous said...

The recording doesn't give a good picture of the whole scene. Not a good idea send me an email like this. You could let me know. But not like this.

And you have no right to send an email to my Ottawa U account without a permission from people that are responsible for this. Otherwise it is a spam.

You just sent hundreds of students of Ottawa U a spam. Good luck dealing with the consequences.

the voice of the university said...


The following media link was added to the blog post:

Dean Lalonde Runs Away From His Crimes (30 Oct 2008, The Fulcrum)

Anonymous said...

Marc Kelly scares the shit out of me.

Anonymous said...

Stop quoting Vision 2010, it's simply a mission statement for what the University strives to be. Marc, you may not agree with it but these are not policies, rules or regulations that should be held against the University.

Furthermore, we're in 2008 and uOttawa is probably working on a new vision now, and it most definetly does not involve you.

On a side note, this is why Allan Rock tried very hard to establish gun control as Justice Minister... To stop nutbags like Marc Kelly from shooting up the joint.

Anonymous said...

Marc scares me too. If he came into my office, I'm afraid I would feel at risk. He is clearly unbalanced.

Dean Lalonde did the right thing and showed admirable self-restraint. I would be a lot happier about this situation if there were evidence that Mark or Rancourt were capable of self restraint too. As it is, the atmosphere on campus is starting to seem risky because of them.

I should not be in a position where I feel unsafe at the University of Ottawa because these unstable people are behaving so irresponsibly and erratically.

Marc Kelly said...

Khalid Sheikh Mohammad said...

Listen douchebag. If I ever get an email from you again. I will cut off your balls and use them to dot the i's in my name.

November 11, 2008 2:08 AM

Anonymous said...

Kill yourself.

November 10, 2008 9:39 AM

Anonymous said...

You arrogant pompous little shit. You call that violence? I commend President Rock for his restraint. You are very lucky; other people in the same situation may have chosen to beat the crap out of you for refusing to leave when asked. That, my spoiled little brat, would have been violent.

November 10, 2008 10:17 AM

Anonymous said...

Do me a favor, Marc, and fuck off.

November 10, 2008 10:26 AM

Anonymous said...

I honestly don't know why I wasted 5 minutes of my life reading this garbage. How did you get all of our e-mails? [...] I'm angry at the fact that Rock withheld from bashing in your face.

November 10, 2008 9:47 AM

Anonymous said...

fuck you nigger

November 11, 2008 8:58 AM

Anonymous said...

[...] you fucking pompous douchebag. If you want to learn from your equals and peers, they have lots of FREE Grade 7 classes.

November 10, 2008 11:03 AM

the voice of the university said...


Newest post on U OF O VOICE:

Mistreatment of Students, Unfair Practices and Systemic Racism at the University of Ottawa


Anonymous said...

Don't see anything wrong with that. He's clearly pissed at you and should have gotten out of his office.

I think you missed the part where he said "get out of my office".

Maybe you'd like it if someone came into your bedroom when you were sleeping. I'm sure you'd be very cheerful. "Oh hello sir. Can I help you?"

Perhaps the person in your bedroom is homeless. Shouldn't we all help out homeless people?

Marc...why don't you have homeless people sleeping in your bedroom you elitist? You racist!

Grow up. And don't e-mail me for chrissake.

Anonymous said...


It's a university. It's a business. Businesses are run by the owners and chairs. This took you six years to figure out?

You're not bright.

mc said...

Hi Marc Kelly,

I sort of looked over your paper, not in great detail i'll admit, but it seemed to me to be written in such a way that it was intended chiefly just to get the board or whatever really angry. I think you came on way too strong with your examples and rude footnotes; by using as an example your own project, "is it physics", "is it not physics", etc. I think you chose the wrong tack.

I personally am not very knowledgeable when it comes to either mathematics or physics, but I am extremely skeptical about your attempt to plot human reactions, etc. with these sort of mathematical formulas. Do you not realize the nearly infinite quantities of "chemical reactions" taking place at every moment throughout the brain and furthermore the rest of the body? Even in a microscopic space in the tip of one finger we have millions of reactions taking place, and I am not sure of the veracity of this but I remember hearing once that the spaces between electrons in our bodies (all bodies in fact) are proportionally vaster (with regards to the size of the electrons) than the spaces between galaxies! Actually this is not what I was meaning to write at all; But I think the root of your problem may (or just one root) be that as you are in physics, you cannot be blamed for not realizing just how much scholarship throughout human history, how many lives have been lived, books written and read, etc., in attempts to define human nature or map out parameters of human actions, as you seem to be trying to do with some mathematical formulas here. I think you underestimate the complexity of all human interactions, as you have, like almost all of us, been "spellbound" by words, concepts, rhetoric, and conditioned thinking. The attempt to account for the way people act using mathematical forms is I believe misguided, and I must say I was not really impressed by looking at your paper. I am only a second-year undergraduate student and I really could be wrong but it just seemed to me more like a personal attack than anything really academically valuable. Attempt for just a moment to leave your mind (you can always come right back), and attempt a small bit of silent observation, allow the true nature of things to become apparent. Unfortunately anger and confrontation generally both lead others to reciprocate with the same anger and confrontational spirit. This I think is a large part of the reason for why the response you have received has not been a friendly one.

Anonymous said...

The accusations of violence Marc levels against everyone else are nonsense.

Kelly, Rancourt, and Stojanovic, are the ONLY people with a history of aggression TARGETED at University of Ottawa students, professors, and staff. They are the ONLY ones who have done anything that sounds worrisome.

Anyone notice that their so-called activism is all about them?

Anonymous said...

Hey Marc,

What went wrong? Were you repeatedly dropped on your head as a child? Did you stop taking your meds? Enlighten us - since it is difficult to see how you could not understand how much of fucking retard you are being. No one gives a shit about you, although reading these posts where people insult you is really entertaining. I think my favorite description of you would be “douchebag”…no wait, “arrogant pompous little shit” is pretty good too. Since you have a lot of time on your hands, being kicked out of University and unemployed and all, I will let you re-read all of this shit decide for yourself…good reading!

Enjoy your shit life marc – after all, you did kinda shit in your own nest - repeatedly.

Anonymous said...

I can understand Marc Kelly's beef with getting de-registered and being barred from certain campus locations. However, he'll elicit no sympathy from me by exaggerating what was obviously a planned ambush on his part. What does Kelly want President Rock to apologize for? For letting him barge into his office unannounced? And really, if he wanted to know whether President Rock got his e-mail, he could've sent a READ RECEIPT along with the e-mail. Marc Kelly is a self-important, infantile moron.

Anonymous said...


daniel said...

As far as I’m concerned your association with this university is over and you should leave now! It’s time to become a celebrity; it is time to write your book. Go off and tell the world of the injustice a white graduate student has experienced

Anonymous said...

Don't waste my time with your bs. If everyone whined and made baseless accusations as much as you do, my inbox would be full. Thanks for showing your photos on here so everyone on campus will know who you are.

Anonymous said...

I am disgusted by Allan Rock's behaviour. If any of his co-workers, friends, alumni, the corporate press, university donors - quite frankly, anyone who props up Allan Rock and maintains the unjust power structures at play within the university - walked into his office to communicate without an appointment, requesting politely to discuss a crucial issue, that person would not be patronized. They would be welcomed with open arms. Thank you Marc, for exposing Allan Rock's true nature. Now we know whose interests he cares about. Not those of the students! If the university administration wants to facilitate better relations between students (a.k.a. suppress dissent), addressing the blatant discrimination directed against Marc Kelly is a great place to start. I am proud of my student union for taking a stance of support for Marc, and I congratulate Marc for having enough courage and dedication to student rights to take a stand. Those who belittle him have absolutely no understanding of oppression and should stop drowning in ignorance and hate.

Sam said...

This tape recording has shown the true nature of Allan Rock. I find his behavior absolutely disgusting. I'm sure if a co-worker, alumni, the corporate press, university donors (ie. Paul "Blood Money" Desmarais and Ian "Indigenous Displacement and environmental catastrophe" Telfer)- or quite frankly, anyone who props up Allan Rock's position of power and maintains the unjust power structures of the university - they would be welcomed with open arms. It's clear Allan Rock is selective with who he gives respect, and who he decides to patronize. Student interests are clearly not a priority for him. I am proud of my student union for taking a stance of support for Marc, and I thank Marc for having the courage and dedication to student rights to take a stand! Those that belittle him have no understanding of oppression, no resistance to co-optation, and are drowning in ignorance and hate.

A message to the university: Not even the UN ambassador will be able to suppress dissent at U of O. Students see through your rhetoric. Fight for us or we will bring the fight to your doorstep.

Anonymous said...

Dear Marc,

You are a shit-disturber. Please don't show up at our house for Christmas, you have embarrassed our family greatly. Please cease to exist.

Love, Mom.

Anonymous said...

Holy shit! Ottawa U is going to become the new Virginia Tech!

Thanks Marc Kelly!

Anonymous said...

honestly the families of Virginia Tech victims would be quite insulted to see people downplay what happened there.

it's like people who compare everything to the nazis

Anonymous said...

Lol funny Sam,
so according to you people how have different opinions then you are ignorant. How are you to judge people according to what they think.
I see your no different then the institution you fight.
O look at me I'm the only that think for myself blablablah....
If we were feeling oppressed he wouldn't be alone idiot.

Anonymous said...

Blogger Marc Kelly said...

Khalid Sheikh Mohammad said...

Listen douchebag. If I ever get an email from you again. I will cut off your balls and use them to dot the i's in my name.

November 11, 2008 2:08 AM

Don't worry Marc I wont cut off your balls, you're my friend, I actually dont even go to the UofO I just go around the internet fueling controversy this stuff sustains me. Actually if you could send another email to the student body that would really help me out right now shit is getting dry up around here. Love the controversy keep it up I'm a big fan.
-Andrew Buckley (Modesto, Cali)
*Who hopes your balls don't get cut off so you can make copies of yourself

Anonymous said...

Severin Stojanovic
Philippe Marchand
Marc Kelly...

Who will be the next to commit the equivalent of career-suicide by blindly gulping up everything DGR feeds them and making public spectacles of themselves? You realize, of course, that potential future employers search the web nowadays for background checks. So sad...

philippe said...

Interesting you bring that point.

Because it reminds me something from that same prof who said he would "attack me" if I publicly said some things about the Faculty of Science's response to the Activism Course (yes, that Policy 110 complaint which has been stalled for 560 days).

So during the same conversation, this prof said (referring to my support of the activism course) something like: "when I was your age, I didn't think my future was important".

Obviously I find it quite sad that this University of Ottawa professor, as well as the last anonymous commenter here (who might be also a professor, who knows?) would resort to that kind of scare tactics to silence dissent.

I guess they call it "giving advice".

Anonymous said...

Yes Philippe! You're right, obviously the previous poster has no idea what he/she is talking about. I am willing to bet that employers will be tripping all over each other in the rush to hire all of you.

philippe said...

Sorry if this wasn't clear, but I did not intend to make any assumptions about what the previous person knows or does not know.

In fact, if a certain potential employer could determine in advance that I would not be a good employee for them, it would really save everyone's time. From a point of view of efficiency, this is something I would rather be happy than sad about.

Anonymous said...

You're such a knob...that was supposed to be sarcastic

Galophe Marie said...

Hi Marc,
second message, this time in english. I'm revolted against these menaces or insults. Whatever you are, no one deserves to be treat like that. I hope you're fine. Keep courage,

Anonymous said...

why a president of a university could speak to a student like that? he is really rude.

Rod said...

If I am to take some of the comments in this blog as an indicator of the level of intelligence and education of U of O students, then surely Marc is correct in wanting to overhaul the system. At the very least observe the situation and become aware of what a fellow student is trying to accomplish, rather than cowardly insulting him via an anonymous post on a blog. If you students put as much effort into thinking for yourselves as you do into getting angry at someone else's actions, then you would realize you're really just learning to memorize facts, rather then getting an education, which I suspect, is why you attend university in the first place. THINK about what this is about rather then blindly reacting for the sake of your own ego.

Anonymous said...

Rod, if you knew Marc and if you had the slightest idea of what is going on in the Department of physics, you'd understand and agree with the rest of the students... I’m convinced you would, you sound like a reasonable and smart guy...

Rod said...

Actually, I know Marc personally, as well as a host of U of O physics students.

Anonymous said...

This message is directed to Jesse Freeston:

I just want to say that nothing Marc did in that voice recording was "courageous" or even a remote example of student activism.

He purposely abushed Allan Rock at a time when he knew that he would be told to leave the office, the reason for the voice recorder was not for his own safety when going against the administration, it was merely a feeble attempt to gain some leverage in a battle he was losing.

If marc were to get an appointment with Allan Rock, sit down and have a civil conversation and then record Allan Rock kicking him out of his office then i would justify all this agression towards the admin and Allan Rock.

I'm not saying that the admin at Ottawa U is perfect nor am i saying that i know what is fully happening either (In terms of Marc) but the one thing that i do know beyond a shadow of a dobut is that the majority of you also have no idea what is happening yet your just trying to fight the "system" because you sense some injustice, Marc is a sad example of someone who's standing up for himself, he's just been backed into the corner and to save face he's trying to make it look like he's been blacklisted by the admin - who knows, he most likely is blacklisted, but not for the reason that your all arguing, its because of his immature and unrealistic crusade against Allan Rock

Anonymous said...

Get out of our school if you are going to be such a baby.
Why dont you post a legitimate explanation of your research that someone who isn't in science can understand?
It's clear that you won't and that is where the problem where your whole stupid campaign fails.
Congratulations to the administration for not caving to this campaign of propaganda.

Anonymous said...

Dear Idiot,

Go to Carleton.

Stop spamming uOttawa staff on a listserv without an opt-out option.

You are not respecting privacy laws.

Anonymous said...

hey fucknob,
take your fucking emails and shove them up your asshole. and stop shitting them into my inbox.

Anonymous said...

E-mail me again, and we'll take you for everything you're worth.

Kind regards: The students of the faculty of law.

additionally, I looked over your research. No wonder everyone thinks you're a joke, I think the university did you a favor by de-registering you.

I seriously thought your research proposal was a joke, or a satire, or even a parody of real papers based on established scientific methods.

julie said...

Dude! Quit being such a sissy and get over it. And quit sending this shit to ppls accounts.

Anonymous said...

Post your thesis marc, for all to read.

cmon everybody, ask him for his thesis!

Once we read it we can be our own judges!

Anonymous said...

Marc, I don't feel it was correct to walk into Mr. Rock's office like that unannounced. But the Student Appeal Center also makes some valid points which indicates that the administration is pushing students into a corner and generating a lot of anger and frustration.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mark-whats-your-face you WILL NEVER be able to get a job. You were proabably failing or something and no wonder since your idea of a physics project is to analyse HUMAN DIALOGUE. no way

Anonymous said...

i think we need to hear both sides of the story before anyone makes any kind of judgement..what we see here is biased

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

At some point in this whole sad affair Marc is going to find himself without resources or prospects. Perhaps at this point he might realize that his "mentor" (who waited until he had his tenure before stepping out mind you)has led him down the primose path for whatever nefarious reasons.
The resulting lawsuit against Rancourt and the University will be interesting to follow

Anonymous said...

"The Department of Physics rejected my project without knowing what my project was.

Their decision was based on a five sentence description of the theme of the project, which explicitly said the project would require physics tools and physics knowledge.

The project posted online ( is a political satire.

I was not permitted to do my research. I wrote the satire in secrecy. " - Marc Kelly

So the question really is: what actually got submitted and rejected by the department of physics?

Anonymous said...

wow what an asshole (Allan Rock) I do not think you provoked him at all, to talk to you in that way is disgusting. How else do you get through to someone when they do not respond to emails? Good for you Mark!

Anonymous said...

Stop using MY personnal University email! I'm disgusted that you walked the halls of UO... I'm extremely dissapointed that you were able to get my email and your obnoxiousness makes me sick...

-no one gives a crap about you

Allan ROCK-star was very patient with you, i would have been a lot worse with a wise ass such as yourself!

Liam said...

This comment board is a veritable ocean of piss.

Ahmed S. said...

I remember now why I lost my faith in the modern Western post-secondary education system, and duly dropped out. $25,000+ dollars for a piece of a paper that tells others I can think critically, that my arguments and opinions actually now have weight, and also give me an "identity" and a "place in society"? Excuse me? No, thanks. I have better, more financially sound uses for that kind of money.

This is typical bureaucratic elitism and politicking at one of its finest moments. The UO administration must be getting lessons from Conrad Black. Universities are becoming just another corporate gear in the broken system. We need state-funded education to end this - this corrupt filtering system that's in place. (I personally don't think Canada will see the day. What a shame it is.)

Mr. Kelly, if your intent truly is noble and just, then you have my blessing and wishes. If not, shame on you.

-Righteously Indignant

Anonymous said...

I think that its messed up that they wont let Marc do his research. Thats wrong. Plus its just undergrad research. Like anyone cares about it. On the other hand, what was Rock supposed to do when this guy comes in his office who has been known to secretly record and broadcast conversations. All you can really say is get out. You cant go making any statements. Look what happens

Anonymous said...

Mr, Kelly

I am sorry for what has happened to you! Unfortunetly you took the route where you made yourself an easy target to some of these cruelly mean posts. I certainly disagree with how you have gone about solving your issue, and it probably is why you've been pushed out of the physics department. No one wants someone who's going to publicize any disagreement. I just feel for you after reading some of these posts. And I can imagine that now, even if you wanted to apply to another university you made it way harder for yourself.

Anyway, I wish you luck, I can imagine how stressfull life must be right now. Stay tough and think your decision through.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Rock's reaction was completely appropriate. I can't wait till Kelly and Raincourt are gone. You two think it's hilarious to egg on the admin and just try to get them to do something people might frown upon ?

From someone who has worked tirelessly and is nearly finished both a science degree and an engineering degree, I am angry that people like you are allowed to remain anywhere near this institution, and cheapen what I have worked so hard for.

Anonymous said...

Calling yourself a victim is insulting to real victims in this world. You're not getting my sympathy. I'll feel safer if you're never allowed on campus again.

Anonymous said...

This Marc guy tries too much. He is disrespectful and seems to like creating attention. Maybe he didn't get enough as a child? I just listened to the Allan Rock audio, and who is to say that this was real? It can be anyones voice. Also, he should know not just to walk in somoeone's office. It just shows a lack of respect. There are more ways to speak to someone than just invade his privacy. No morals whatsoever.
I also heard about the Senat meeting incident. NOW THAT IS DISRESPECTFUL. Marc should not be voted as a President of SFUO. A President is someone who presents himself well, who leads and influences others. It is someone who respects others rights and believes in changes.
Marc doesn't present himself well - unshaved beard and slur in speech. He only leads his imaginary friends (Cletus and Marvin). Marc doesn't respect others rights, just his own. Marc SHOULD believe in change...a change of clothes once in a while.

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willson said...

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robert said...

People who post anonymously are cowards who are subverting the concept of a responsible society. There seem to be a lot of these at the U of O.

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