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-William Allen White


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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Marc Kelly Let Free For Political Graffiti


art student said...

Graffiti is a crime; surely you don't feel it's your right to express your view on other people's property?

Besides... it's such ugly graffiti at that.

Anonymous said...

This is vandalism, you idealistic idiot. Private property. Get it?

Anonymous said...

Banksy wannabe.

Marc Kelly needs to just go away and get a job or something.

Stop bothering us.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever lived in a country where political,or social expression wasn't allowed? Consider yourself lucky to live in a country like Canada who lets even you condemn intellectual institutions- merely because you are trying to 'diversify' your portfolio.

Try travelling to a repressive country- and then think about ALL of the rights and freedoms you have here- that you so blatantly oppose.

Anonymous said...

Not sure about the great campus civil rights movements, but this will certainly rank among the looniest!

Keep up the good work, I was starting to get concerned you had given up. Your emails are much too entertaining to give up now.

Graduate student said...

Ever tried to study instead of shit-stirring?

Undergraduate student said...

Ever tried thinking instead of mindlessly complying?

Anonymous said...

I want to see the video of you getting arrested at the Senate *with sound*. Those soundless clips are inconclusive.

Right now I'm inclined to believe that you brought all this on yourself with your graffiti. If you want to do something illegal like that you have to be discreet about it.

Anonymous said...

Undergraduate student, you need to finish the sentence:

Ever tried thinking instead of mindlessly complying WITH THE COMMANDS OF THE CULT LEADER, DENIS RANCOURT?

Anonymous said...

Stop sending me those stupid emails I don't care maybe if u listened, and didn't break the law you wouldnt get arrested?


This is the guy I was telling you about earlier tonight, I think you might enjoy some of his artwork. See you on monday!

art student said...

Banksy= anonymous artist, who puts his life on the line creating massive public works on places like the Israel-Palestine separation barrier. He brings awareness to issues by presenting through symbolism, irony, and keen sense of artistic design and originality.

Mark Kelly= failed student with a stencil who's doing it for the personal recognition (hence posting it online).

Liam said...

dear art student:

Have you met Marc Kelly personally? I have, infact I met him last night. He had never heard of Banksy before and I felt that here was the best place to post a link to the artist's website. I was not trying to draw a comparison between the two of them. However, somehow, you have been able to pass judgement on Marc based on a blog, some emails and a photograph. Besides, I believe Banksy would encourage public art in all it's forms.

By the way, what are you doing on this site? Do you browse it daily to find comments which you can shoot down? Does it keep you up at night that there are people who are trying to live a life that you don't understand?

Marc Kelly said...

Did Bansky go to University?

University destroys your creativity.
University destroys your creativity.
University destroys your creativity.


art student said...

Look we can speculate at what Banksy would like, but ultimately he and Marc Kelly are quite different, let's leave that at that.
Secondly, I think it is absolutely possibly and reasonable to form a perception and criticize a person based on the communications they write and publish about themselves and their ideology. I haven't actually met alot of politicians, but I still disagree with their public stated opinions and stances.
Lastly, I'm here the same reason you are, to argue one position or another in what has become a sort of informal forum for several different perspectives on our education system. I don't view some of the opinions on this website as harmless so to "live and let live"; I think some of the reforms proposed are intellectually bunk and unsound. I would hope to challenge people who propose them.

Kelly, we don't know if Banksy did given that his identity is secret, so you can't make a point there. Furthermore a University fine arts program is the farthest thing from a destroyer of creativity: I would know.

Anonymous said...

Hey Marc Kelly...

Thanks for the "informal forum for several different perspectives on our education system" about time we had one of those!

Anonymous said...

Marc Kelly is a loon. Hey Marc you finish that UNDERGRAD PHYSICS yet ? I've finished a chem eng degree and a biochem degree in less time than it has taken you to NOT finish your physics degree.

Stop emailing us you little prick.

Anonymous said...

fuck you you goof marcs got something to say and your heads too far up your ass to listen

Liam Kennedy-Slaney said...

dear art student:

"University fine arts program is the farthest thing from a destroyer of creativity"

That's is very interesting, what kind of work do you do in the fine arts program? It would be wonderful if some of the pedagogical techniques employed in your arts program could be applied to science programs.